Sunday, October 09, 2005

Welcome to Earth Voices

Hello and welcome to Earth Voices, a blog that will explore the wonder and mystery of our living planet. The human species is a part of that wonder. We are Earth, as surely as the oak tree outside our back window, or the soil that grows our food, or the pounding surf, or the rainforest seething with life. How do we more deeply embed this awareness—and this sense of wonder—into our every day living? How do we begin to think like a planet and celebrate our role in her evolution? What are new ways of being human that will enhance the community of life of which we are a part?

I will be posting searching thoughts, long-simmering reflections, budding ideas, sudden inspirations, poetry, and other writings here, and I hope they ignite reverence for all life and encourage similar exploration and comments in you. I hope you will bookmark my site and come back often.


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